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How Renovating Your Kitchen Can Increase Your Home Value

There are many benefits to renovating your kitchen, especially if it’s still in its original condition from decades ago or if it’s been years since it was last renovated. In addition to giving new life into your kitchen, a tastefully done kitchen renovation, along with some essential updates and fixes in your home, can increase your home’s value significantly.

Whether or not you are looking to sell your house in the near future, there are a few areas you might want to improve on. Many realtors and house flippers highly recommend investing in a remodel to transform your old, cramped kitchen into a modern, neutral, and spacious kitchen. This alone can vastly influence a prospect’s buying decision!

Why Is Renovating Your Kitchen So Important?

  1. The kitchen is the heart of the home.

Kitchens aren’t limited to being cooking areas anymore. Maybe 20 or so years ago it was. But today, a growing number of kitchens are being renovated to accommodate the increased activity in this room. Yes, it’s still where delicious meals are cooked but it’s also where a lot of families eat these meals (many households have long since bid formal dining rooms adieu). School work and board games are done on a daily basis on its countertops while waiting for that herbed chicken parmesan to finish cooking.

  1. The kitchen is the new living room.

Random acquaintances visiting your home are entertained in the living room but close friends and family are brought to the kitchen to chat with and eat snacks or full meals with. Conversations about work, school, relationships, movies, and life in general all happen in the kitchen.

  1. The kitchen is a must-see room for every prospective buyer.

kitchen renovation home valueWhen looking to buy a home, serious buyers often request to see the kitchen first. Of course, they would want to see your house inside and out but a warm, inviting and fully functional kitchen is definitely a plus factor in your favor.

Which Kitchen Upgrades Should You Consider?

Not all kitchen makeovers are equal. Some makeovers are perfect for the homeowners and nobody else. If you are planning to sell your home, you have to make sure your kitchen appeal to a wide range of people.

In fact, most experts warn about putting too much personality in the design. Try to keep the colors neutral especially for your flooring and countertops.

Stainless steel appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, ranges, cooktops and other high-end devices should also be installed as they add instant value to your home. Plus, stainless steel just looks really elegant and timeless.

Lastly, if you’ve got a small-ish kitchen and a room next door that don’t get much use, you could perhaps look into removing the adjoining wall and enlarging your kitchen space.

How To Truly Increase Your Home’s Value

The kitchen is just one part of your house. An awesome kitchen means nothing if the roof is leaking or the entire house needs a fresh coat of paint. So if you are thinking of selling, make sure the rest of your house looks great and all the basic systems work such as plumbing, air conditioning, and more.

A scary-looking and dank-smelling basement with moisture issues or a faulty electrical system can turn off potential buyers faster than you can say, “But I thought you liked the new marble countertops you just saw in the kitchen!“.

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Here at Kitchens Made Simple we focus on making your kitchen look the best it can possibly be at your given budget. We are experts in kitchen renovations and with your home’s resell value on the line, we will work with you to carefully plan, design and renovate your kitchen and get your house sold as soon as you put it up for sale!