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It is amazing how many flooring choices are available to homeowners today. The main categories are briefly described below. Check out our showroom displays and samples to get ideas and prices. Our designers will help you select flooring to match your style and your budget.

Solid Hardwood

Solid HardwoodHardwood floors never seem to go out of fashion; they add warmth and charm to any home. Traditional hardwood flooring consists of solid pieces of wood cut into tongue and groove planks that are generally 3/4″ thick. The planks must be nailed to the subfloor and hence are not suitable for use over concrete. The emergence of pre-finished hardwood flooring has dramatically improved the quality and durability of the finish and the ease of installation and maintenance of these beautiful floors.

We offer solid hardwood flooring from the following companies:

Somerset Hardwood Flooring
Mercier Pro

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood floors consist of several layers of wood that are glued together to form wood planks. The planks are usually about 1/2″ thick and can be installed anywhere in the home, including over concrete. Hand-scraped engineered hardwood floors are a popular trend today. Combining modern finishes with a rustic-looking texture, they add character to any home.

We offer engineered hardwood flooring from the following companies:

LM Flooring




Laminate FloorsLaminate wood floors can be an affordable way to bring the beauty of wood flooring into a home. They are easy to install, resist scratching, and in bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways, they are easy to maintain. However, due to their vulnerability to water damage, we at Kitchens Made Simple do not recommend the use of laminate wood floors in kitchens or bathrooms.



Composite Flooring

No other type of floor covering offers as much variety in color and pattern as vinyl composite flooring, also called luxury vinyl. Current manufacturing processes allow composite flooring tiles to economically replicate the look and texture of ceramic tile, natural stone, and even hardwood at an affordable price. Composite flooring has excellent resistance to staining, scratches and tearing, and installation is usually straightforward.

We offer composite flooring from the following companies:




Ceramic FlooringIn addition to ceramic tile, this category also includes marble, travertine, and other natural stone, as well as porcelain. Today’s selection of colors, sizes, shapes and textures provides endless design possibilities. Currently, ceramic tile with the look and texture of wood is a growing trend.

We offer ceramic flooring from the following company: