Our designers will listen to you!  Most people have already put a lot of thought into their kitchen remodel and have particular goals and ideas. We will work with you to combine your ideas, and our creativity and experience, to design the kitchen you want.

In Your Home

We will discuss possible cabinet layouts along with remodeling changes you may wish to do.  It's common for us to do things like remove soffits, change walls for a more open floor plan, and redo floors and ceilings.  While in your home we will also measure your space and take pictures.

In Our Store

We will show you an initial design and 3D rendering that is based on your home consultation. You can look at displays and samples to choose cabinets, countertops and flooring, as well as sinks, faucets and hardware.

Based on all these decisions, we prepare an estimate with line by line pricing for both remodeling and product costs. Also, we know that sometimes there is a gap between what we would like and what we can afford. Our goal is to work with you to design the kitchen you want at a price you can afford.

Elvir (Owner)