Top Four Mistakes To Avoid In A DIY Kitchen Renovation Project 1

Top Four Mistakes To Avoid In A DIY Kitchen Renovation Project

We all love seeing dramatic before and after photos of successful DIY kitchen renovation projects. Who doesn’t, right? Seeing old-fashioned and cramped-looking kitchens suddenly transformed into sleek, modern and luxurious kitchens ready for entertaining family and friends can practically bring out your creative talents.

You start looking at your kitchen and thinking, “If they can do it then so can I. I think I can even do a better job!

You then start planning how you’re going to accomplish your kitchen makeover. Maybe you’re even thinking about hiring a professional photographer to capture the transformation so you can post it on social media. Who knows, you might even get the attention of some well-known DIY magazines and you’ll be on your way to becoming famous!

A few weeks and thousands of dollars later, you’re pulling your hair out in frustration. Your kitchen looks like it was hit by a small tornado and is NOWHERE near the perfect kitchen you envisioned!

Does this story sound familiar?

We’ve heard so many horror stories of DIY kitchen renovation project mistakes not just from our past clients here in the Roseville, MN area but from all over the country. We thought it was time to tell you that kitchen makeovers are far from simple or cheap!

We’re not against anyone doing DIY kitchen renovation projects. In fact, we applaud courageous homeowners who have the skills, creativity, and tools to make a truly DIY kitchen makeover work! But if you aren’t sure if you can handle such a monumental project yourself, then read on so you know what to expect and what to avoid when you embark on your DIY kitchen remodeling journey.

Mistake #1 – Thinking It’s Cute, Fun and Easy

Yeah, those DIY photos on Pinterest are awesome, aren’t they? You already know the perfect place where you can install those stylish light fixtures to go along with that faux brick backsplash. Plus, that sea-glass inspired recycled glass countertop would be a great conversation starter for guests!

So, you start buying all the cute stuff you want to put in your new kitchen and getting rid of all the old, boring ones. Then you get down to work.

And work.

And even more work.

Before you know it, your life has been consumed by your kitchen! No matter what you do, the light fixtures just don’t jive well with the faux brick backsplash. And your new countertop just got itself a new chip because you accidentally hit it with a hammer!

Are you crying yet?

We’re not done yet.

This is just the first kitchen renovation mistake most rookies make!

Mistake #2 – Going Beyond The Budget

going beyond kitchen remodeling DIY budgetUnless you have very deep pockets and wasting thousands of dollars mean nothing to you, then you need to have a realistic budget in mind. If you’re not careful, you can easily go beyond your budget. We’ve had so many clients tell us how they thought their kitchen renovation was only going to cost them a few thousand dollars only to end up spending twice or thrice their budget WITHOUT even completing the project! (Yes, they did end up hiring us to clean up the mess so that was another hit to their finances).

Mistake #3 – Forgetting Other Areas In The House Exist

We’re pretty sure your house is not solely comprised of your kitchen. When doing a DIY kitchen renovation project, you’ll have debris and paint and tools all over the place. Make sure you protect your other rooms and don’t end up destroying them as well (trust us this happens far too often than you may think!).

Mistake #4 – Doing The Project All By Yourself

It kind of defeats the very definition of DIY or do-it-yourself but a DIY kitchen renovation project is no small task. There are so many elements and ‘moving parts’ to consider you might not even be aware it exists until it literally pokes you in the back. You have to make sure all these elements tie in together – from the backsplash treatment, cabinets, flooring, to the wall color, and more.

Don’t be afraid to consult with a kitchen professional like Kitchens Made Simple. We’re not going to stop you from going at it alone. Rather, we want to help you figure out the best and most cost-effective way to go about your project without destroying your kitchen, your budget, and your life.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. The top 4 kitchen renovation mistakes we encounter on a daily basis in this business.  Is a DIY kitchen renovation project even worth it? Of course it is! But it’s not for everyone.

If you’re in the Roseville, MN area, talk to Kitchens Made Simple, a professional kitchen renovation contractor, to ensure you do it right. As your partner, we will help you save your time, money and sanity during the whole kitchen remodeling process.