Kitchen Renovation Guide

Revamp Your Space: The Ultimate Guide To A Full Kitchen Renovation

The heart of the home is the kitchen. A lot happens in the kitchen. Over the years, times change and kitchens can, too. Have you been thinking about revamping your kitchen?

Kitchen renovation is a result of several different motivations. There are various categories of kitchen renovations because each is meant to achieve a specific goal.

Here are the different types of kitchen renovations…

Cosmetic Refresh:

Cosmetic refresh is the lowest cost and least invasive option for a kitchen renovation. This type of renovation focuses on the up-to-date look of the kitchen. Upgrades such as changing your kitchen laminates to quartz countertops can improve the functionality of your kitchen. This is in addition to making it easier to clean and more durable.


A pull-and-replace renovation is what you need when your kitchen requires more than a simple touch-up. For this type of renovation, everything in the kitchen is removed and replaced.

Full Custom:

Full Custom Kitchen Renovation

A complete custom kitchen renovation is required when there is severe damage to the kitchen. With a complete custom renovation, you no longer are working with the limitations of your old kitchen. A custom kitchen renovation gives you the most design freedom, whether you want to rearrange the floor plan or need more cooking space.

Kitchen Addition:

In some instances, the size you want for your kitchen differs from the available space in your home. Adding more space is the solution to this.

Tips To Guide You During A Full Kitchen Renovation

Tips for Full Kitchen Renovation

Here are some tips to follow when doing a kitchen renovation

#1 Do Research

The kitchen renovation you do must reflect your desires and previous concerns. To get inspiration for your project, search websites and visit remodeling showrooms. Make a note of items, gather pictures and decide on what is a luxury and a must-have. With these decisions, you can renovate your kitchen within your budget and just as you want.

#2 Set A Realistic Budget 

You must set an attainable and realistic budget before starting your renovation project. The cost of kitchen renovations differs. Therefore, you must know what is within your budget.

#3 Consider Working With The Current Layout

Working with the current kitchen layout is a good idea. This is especially true if the project is extensive and requires considerable effort. Additionally, you can save money and time when you stick with your current layout. To ensure this, design around existing equipment such as plumbing, electrical wiring and gas lines.

#4 Finalize Design Plans

Before starting the renovation, finalize details, elevations, floor plans and design plans. This includes exterior elevations, lighting switch plans and electrical and mechanical drawings. With the plan(s) in hand, obtain construction/design permits.

#5 Prepare For Construction

After finalizing the plan and picking up the permits, you most likely will have to demolish the kitchen before you start construction. A complete kitchen renovation may require moving to a temporary home until the project is done. Or you might have to find another room in the house to serve as a temporary kitchen.

Types Of Kitchen Renovation Contractors

There are different types of contractors in the renovation industry. Each of them has a specific skill set, and their renovation projects have different levels of value.


A handyman is an expert that provides construction, maintenance and repair services on a small scale. Also, the handyman may have formal training because there needs to be more oversight in this field. They often work odd jobs around the house.

A handyman is an excellent fit for a small-scale project that requires little skilled labor. They usually give a reasonable price. A handyman is better for kitchen maintenance and repair rather than renovation. Nevertheless, they can do a light cosmetic refresh.

General Contractor

A general contractor is a construction professional with many business connections. This type of contractor is an excellent choice for complete kitchen renovation. To get the project done, general contractors coordinate among subcontractors. Furthermore, the general contractor hires finish carpenters, cabinet makers, plumbers, electricians, drywallers and independent flooring installers to complete the project. Although they can also get in to do some jobs themselves, most of the work is done by other professionals in the industry.

Design-Build Firm

You work with one party from the start to finish of the project with a design-build firm. The construction professionals and in-house team of this type of contractor handle both the design and construction phases.


Kitchens often need updates as people’s needs and situations change over time. In the Roseville, Minnesota, area you can call Kitchens Made Simple at 651-917-7500 and ask about kitchen remodeling and design services.