Full Kitchen Remodel

Because the kitchen is the center of your home and one of the most active rooms in your home, you deserve to feel proud of your kitchen every time you step inside. It needs to be a space that you love.

Kitchen Remodeling Made Simple

We know that remodeling your kitchen is not a simple and easy process.  That's why we've made it our goal to make it as simple and stress free for YOU, the home owner.

A One-Stop Shop

We are a one-stop kitchen remodeling company. We offer high quality kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops and kitchen flooring. We have line item pricing so you can see the cost of each part of your project. Our installation crews are professional and work hard to reduce the impact of the remodel on your lives. Our project manager is responsible for making the remodel as stress free as possible.

The team here at Kitchens Made Simple will do our very best to incorporate all of your needs into the perfect kitchen remodeling design. If you want to remove some walls for a more open design, we can go through the necessary steps to determine if this can be done. If you want to forgo the kitchen table for a large eat-in island, we will go over the dimensions required around an island. The key is for you to write down all of your needs and wants, and then communicate them to us fully. We will always do our best to help guide you in the process of design so we can help come up with the perfect design for your kitchen.