Exploring Nature and Wildlife at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in St. Paul, MN

An Urban Oasis of Flora and Fauna

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, located in the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota, is a beloved destination that seamlessly combines the beauty of botanical gardens with the thrill of a zoo, offering visitors diverse experiences in one stunning location. Information can be found here.

A Historic Gem

Established in 1897, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory has a rich history of providing entertainment, education, and conservation. It has evolved over the years into a must-visit attraction for locals and tourists alike. See here for information about Discovering the Wonders of the Sea at SeaQuest Roseville, MN.

Exploring Nature and Wildlife at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in St. Paul, MN 3

Botanical Beauty

The Conservatory boasts lush gardens featuring a wide variety of plant species worldwide. Visitors can stroll through the Sunken Garden, Palm Dome, and numerous other themed gardens, experiencing a burst of color and fragrance year-round.

Wildlife Wonders

The adjacent Como Zoo has a diverse collection of animals, including lions, giraffes, polar bears, and more. It offers families and animal enthusiasts an opportunity to learn about and connect with wildlife.

Education and Conservation

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory places a strong emphasis on education and conservation. They offer educational programs, animal encounters, and partnerships with conservation organizations to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our natural world.

Year-Round Attraction

One of the unique features of Como Park is its year-round appeal. In the winter, the Conservatory becomes a warm and inviting escape, with holiday-themed displays that draw crowds during the holiday season.

A Community Hub

Beyond its natural beauty and educational value, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is a hub for community gatherings, events, and celebrations, making it an integral part of the St. Paul community.